Testimonials are an individual’s personal perspective on their experience of chiropractic care. Results will vary from person to person.

Ben Ryan, Ex Fiji Rugby 7s coach, 2 x world champions and Olympic Games Gold, London

I have been visiting John Stoker for several months now. I had tried osteopaths and physiotherapy in the past to deal with niggles, but my hip and knee were gradually becoming stiff and discomfort was becoming an expected part of my life. I thought this was time to try and get to the bottom of things as my 50th birthday approached, and see the treatment as a long term investment. Having met, and liked, John, I committed to a course of visits, and went twice a week for a while. I am still going, although now weekly, because it has made such a difference to me. I feel that my gradual decline and increasing stiffness has been reversed, and have come to really enjoy the stretching which I have been 'prescribed'. Visits have sometimes shown an immediate impact, and others have been less obviously 'beneficial', but over a few months my body and mood has significantly altered. I am much more flexible, and the knee/hip problem is now completely gone, in addition to greater flexibility in areas I didn't even register as being a problem. John is consistently helpful and positive, Sarah has also been great when he has been on holiday, and the support team runs the practice in a very efficient and friendly way. I'm very pleased with the investment I made.

RC, London

I came into your office barely able to walk. I was only able to move my feet a few inches at a time and unable to bend at all. From first to last, my visit was characterised by warmth, compassion and courtesy. While I have required chiropractic help on and off for many years it has been my good fortune to have been treated by many wonderful chiropractors. John, you have left the lot in the dust!

Rus, Ohio

Originally when I came to your clinic, my mobility, flexibility was so limited, having spent years suffering with neck and lower back pain, and with your skill as a Chiropractor, my flexibility and mobility have at best returned to normal. Thank you so much John for always being available and helping me to understand the importance of spinal health, function and care. I highly recommend you as a Chiropractor to all who visit your practise, from new born to the elderly.

Susie, Richmond

As a former roadie, caterer and now sports & remedial therapist, chiropractic has been keeping me fit for the past 12 years. After gruelling long days and accidents, it has reduced my recovery time and at times was vital to me being able to do my job in the first place.The techniques John uses help my body maintain strength and general well-being. I have been highly recommending John to all of my clients for years. They too have experienced the benefits.

Claudia, Twickenham