Sevens Uncovered - Working hard to travel well

Sevens Uncovered - Working hard to travel well

John Stoker, Principal Chiropractor and Clinic Director at The London Chiropractic Clinic has been the official chiropractor to the Fiji 7s rugby team since 2014. John has become an integral part of the Fiji 7s management team whilst they are in Europe and works with Ben Ryan, their English coach and the Team Physio, William Koong to optimise the players’ performance and to aid in the recovery of injuries sustained during the many matches the team play during each tournament.

The Fiji 7’s team have held the world championship title for two consecutive years and spend many hours on planes when competing in the HSBC World Series which in 2016 included tournaments in 10 countries covering the north and southern hemisphere.

The IRB Sevens TV channel features the Fiji 7’s team at The London Chiropractic Clinic including John and Ben being interviewed discussing the benefits of chiropractic care. The Fiji 7’s team and The London Chiropractic Clinic are featured on the attached clip at 5.18 mins. The complete clip gives an insight into how the teams deal with the travel over short and long distances.

Credit: Sevens Uncovered: World Rugby.

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